Unhappy at Work? Five Ways to Change Jobs Before Winter Arrives

success-895594_1280It’s September.

And it’s this time of year that can often bring a sense of sadness for the Summer coming to an end, Autumn is around the corner, and the winter nights are soon to draw in.

But it’s a good time of year to start looking at our work and thinking that now is the time for change before Winter really sets in.

This is a good time to make changes before the cold and darkness descends, and we feel more like hibernating.

By listening to our desire to make change we are less likely to get the blues in the midst of winter.

So here are some ways to help you:

1. What do you enjoy at the moment?

Start thinking about what you enjoy in your job at the moment and in previous roles you’ve had. What elements of these roles do you want to take forward into future jobs?

2. What values do you want to honour in your next job?

It’s not really a question we ask ourselves, but knowing what values we are currently honouring and which ones are being pushed on or ignored can really help us to focus on what we want. To find out more about values, take a look at my blog post on this here.

3. Have courage to make the change

Sometimes we think about the changes we want to make and we are nudged in some way but we don’t get round to making those changes. Now is the time for taking action and listening to those nudges we get. To help take a look at my blog post on change and following the hero’s journey.

4. Be aware of what is holding you back

Often we procrastinate when we are wanting to change jobs and can put things on hold. Write down all the things you are procrastinating about and ask yourself what small step can you make today?

5. Be aware of your inner critic and inner wisdom.

Often when change is afoot our inner critic is quick to point out all the reasons why we should stay where we are and why we just aren’t good enough. Now is the time to ask yourself –is my inner chatterbox saying things to support me towards a life I want to lead or holding me back?

Changing jobs can be exciting, scary, time consuming and a risk, but a life of following your dreams and being true to you is worth every risk.

Going into the winter months feeling happy in your work-life, helps ward off the winter blues and feelings of stagnation.

Make a step into the life you want today.

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