Tips to Get You Through a Bad Day

reed-546250_1280Recently I had one of those bad days – you know the kind where everything feels like it is going against you?

It starts off as waking up late after a bad night’s sleep, or perhaps the commute to work is busier than usual, or perhaps you’ve had conflict with a work colleague or your boss. Whatever it is, it can make you feel like you wish you hadn’t got out of bed, and results in the day getting worse and worse.

And it got me thinking about how to get back on track when you are in the midst of one of these days, and also how to recover from one.

Here are some of my ways;

1. This too shall pass. Hard as it is to remember – the mantra ‘this too shall pass’ gets me through many a bad time.

Knowing that there are highs and lows in life, and that things constantly change and evolve help me keep perspective and know that if the time is good or bad, it will pass and change will happen.

If this mantra speaks to you, pin it up somewhere so you can see it regularly to comfort you.

2. Get Fresh air and do something active. To stop a bad day in its tracks, get some fresh air and do something active and physical to reboot the energy you’re attracting.

A quick walk round the block or through a nearby park can work wonders, so that we get rid of the bad day vibes and get some fresh new energy around us.

3. Find something positive to be grateful for in your life. The key is to change the focus from bad things happening, to things that are going well in your life – admittedly, this can be hard to do in the midst of a rubbish day.

But try, as it will increase your feelings of well being.

Life has a funny way of getting better when we focus on the good going on. Try thinking of a couple of positives or things you are grateful for in your life, and focus on how the good makes you feel – this helps you reset and reboot your focus off the bad day.

4. Write it down. When things are going badly, it can help to write down how you feel to get it out of your system, so to speak.

Create a Bad Day Playlist and sing a tune or two at the top of your voice to get rid of any built up frustration. A couple on my bad day playlist are; Daniel Powter ‘Bad Day’ and Queen ‘I Want To Break Free’.

What would be on your bad day playlist?

5. Pamper yourself.  Get a nice lunch in, have a bubble bath in the evening, make your favourite meal or get your favourite take away. Do whatever pampering means to you, as a way of treating yourself when you are having a challenging time.

Remember, at the end of the day, a bad day is just that – one bad day mixed in around many normal days.

And hard as it is when you are in the midst of it, remembering that everyone has bad days too, helps us remember how good life usually is. Knowing everyone has bad days helps remind us not to take it personally.

What ways do you help yourself in the midst of a bad day? I would love to hear.

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