Wendy, 54

Jennifer is a fantastic life coach.

Over the past few months she has helped me identify a number of areas in my life that had caused me concern and worked with me to find a way to knock down barriers and fulfil my potential. 

Like many people I have been held back in life by fear, procrastination and a negative voice in my head. In many ways my life has been good – I’ve had a good career, great friends and family – but I was as at a crossroads when we began our telephone coaching sessions. I had real reservations about life coaching and, also, about doing it by telephone.  But both were dispelled once we started. 

Jennifer has an instinctual gift for understanding how people tick, she is kind and compassionate but she is not afraid to be tough when situation calls for it. 

Using her training in psychology and life coaching and a range of simple techniuqes she has helped me beat many of my fears and shown me a way to combat negative thought patterns and behaviours. I’m not perfect but I am clear that the coaching with Jennifer has given me a boost and a clear path to the next phase of my life. 

Thank you Jennifer!!