Stressed-Out, Overwhelmed & Ready to Snap … It’s the Run Up to Christmas!

The build up to Christmas can be magical, but, it can also be full of worry and panic in the bid to get everything done on time.

We find ourselves overstretching and over promising and our bodies let us know we have pushed ourselves too much with a festive sore throat and runny nose to boot. We end up feeling like we need to escape it all and recover.

There has to be another way!

It is madness the way we run around like headless chickens trying desperately to create the perfect Christmas.

But who says that this is how Christmas should be? We get caught up in the shoulds and shouldn’ts, the musts and must nots, the heavy sense of obligation dragging us down and pushing out any Christmas cheer we once felt.

We reach Christmas day exhausted.

But, we have a choice.

It may not feel it at times and it is scary to choose, but yes we DO have a choice.

Here are few ideas on managing the festive season;

  • With everything in your diary ask yourself – do I really need or want to go to this event?
  • Pencil in one evening a week to be by yourself and have quiet time
  • If presents are your thing and you like buying presents start the xmas shopping throughout the year – a person I know, collects ideas in a notebook throughout the year, so that by Christmas there is a sizable list
  • Write down your shoulds and shouldn’t for the festive time- who is creating these rules? Do they hold you in or empower you?
  • Breathe and bring your focus back to your breath, when things all get a bit too much, take some time out from the situation – it could be as simple as going for a brisk walk round the block- this gives you space from the festive madness and a chance to get back into the real you, not the chatterbox making demands in your head.

Ask yourself, What would Christmas look like to you if there were no societal rules and no obligation? What if you dared to chose YOUR truth, over that which society tells you is the way to be?  Perhaps a day with family perhaps a quiet day to chill, to create a space that offers you breathing space and time to replenish your soul, indulge in yummy food and nice movies. What fear has you prioritise everybody else’s happiness over yours?

We may choose to do all the things we currently do or, we may not.

The difference is that it would be from a place of choice and it would be a conscious choice.

Like many events in the calendar, society has a view on what we should be experiencing and doing- we have a choice though- we have one life.

Imagine at the end of this life, looking back and saying ‘I did it my way’ surely that would be the perfect Christmas present to yourself.

What is your experience of the Christmas build up?

I coach men and women who struggle with these issues and who want to make choices that are right for them, enabling them to be empowered in their life and step into a life they love. If you know anyone who would benefit from this post please share, or if you’d like a free sample session  get in touch.


  1. Really well written, refreshing article with some good advice on how to handle what can (if you let it) be a really challenging time of year!

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