Six ways to make the most of life right now

I haven’t written for a while as I had a baby and have been focusing on the wonderment and rollercoaster of parenthood. Through the blur of sleepless nights and constant nappy/feed cycles I have toyed and grappled with how to make the most of this life stage I am at and enjoy it as I know it goes by just a bit too fast.

It made me think about how every life stage goes by in an instant and how we all need to make the most of the part of life we are currently in. All our lives- right now whatever phase we are in, enjoying the moment and being present with where we are and what is going on is a challenge we all face. Often we wish to get to the next holiday, the next weekend, the next milestone, and before we know life has moved by and we wonder where the time has gone and sometimes there is regret for what has passed.


When did you last stop to smell the roses?

So here are some ways to stay in the here and now and get the most out of life in this moment:

  • Slow life down- this is always a challenge but often the default is to speed life up to get through whatever we are doing but this moment… and this moment is all we truly have. Pause right now and connect in with your senses, what can you hear? What can you smell? What can you see?
  • Write a gratitude list- research proves being grateful helps bolster our mood, write down three things you are grateful for with the life you have, this life, not the one you are working towards.
  • Let go of the need to plan –just for a day go with the flow, see where it leads you. Some planning is needed in all our lives, but there can be a tendency to over plan and overschedule. By having chunks of time unaccounted for, it gives you the chance to be in the moment and savour whatever comes along- it allows the magic of serendipity.
  • Take mental photographs- positive psychology research shows that taking mental photographs of good things that are going on in our life help us feel more happy and savior the moment, be it a gorgeous sunset, a meal with a lovely friend or a giggle from your baby- every day there will be moments to savour and ‘photograph’ to memory
  • Have something up that reminds you of enjoying the journey- be it a postcard or a quote or something else, anything that keeps you in the present helps.
  • Know that the ‘now’ you are in is not permanent and that life changes and evolves. With each stage in life there are benefits and disadvantages to them- what are the benefits to your ‘now’? What are you not loving? What can you love and be grateful for? And what can you look at learning from?

Clichéd as it may be the quote ‘Life is a journey not a destination’ really sings true in making the most of the here and now.

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