Confidence is something many of us struggle with. But we keep quiet about it hoping no-one finds out, and carry on suffering and avoiding being in situations that make us feel lacking in confidence.

Often we start to lack confidence in one particular area of our lives,  and over time it can permeate into many more parts so we stop shining and enjoying life. It can end up feeling like a big black cloud following us around.

We can feel like Jekyll and Hyde – completely confident and self assured in one area of our lives, but totally not confident and unsure in another area of our life.

Confidence coaching gives you the chance to build your confidence snd expand your comfort zone.

I use a variety of tools and techniques that support and empower you so you can start making in-roads in your life on where you want to get to.

I have a flexible approach tailored to you and what you specifically need to get you feeling more self confident and self assured.

Confidence coaching enables you to step into the life you want – feeling fulfilled and able to face the things you dread.

What areas can low confidence impact?

There are many areas confidence can impact, work is often one many clients come to me to get help with.

Lacking confidence is incredibly common in the workplace.

It can come through in many different ways. Be it speaking up in a meeting, or putting yourself forward for work you know should be able to do, but don’t feel able or good enough to do.

It could be feeling like you aren’t good enough or capable enough, and that you’re putting on an act and fear that one day you will be found out. Or maybe passed by for a promotion or task that you felt should have been yours.

Lacking confidence can also make you stay in a job you don’t enjoy, or are no longer fulfilled by, and don’t feel alive doing because you’re concerned you aren’t good enough.

Feeling more confident at speaking up can help you get that new job, promotion, or simply taking charge of a situation better.

But work isn’t the only area where confidence can impact – trying new things, being out socializing, going after goals, taking risks to fulfill dreams are all areas that clients need coaching for.

To get that external help and support where their confidence in their own ability is holding them back.

I have written some articles and blog posts on coaching.

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