Rushing Through Life? Slow Down, Be Mindful & Appreciate More

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Often we rush in life always looking forward and barely seeing the here and now. When seasons change we can feel it in the air and there can be an impatience in the waiting.

We live our lives rushing from one thing to the next. We are constantly looking forward to future events- be it holidays, planning things to do, saving up for the next new thing, working to the next work deadline or striving to find ‘the one’.

Society encourages us to rush through life like it is a race to get to the finish line. We squeeze as much as we can into a day rushing through each task.

Life whizzes by.

Slowing down and being in the here and now feels absurd! We pride ourselves in pushing forward and achieving.

Our lives are wished away looking to the future- a future that, let’s face it, may or may not happen.

What about the now?

As a coach I know how important it is to have goals and a vision for your future, but, there is also a real gift from being in the here and now and allowing life to unfold, to enjoying the stage in life you’re at, without striving for the next.

When we are in the here and now, we slow down and drink in the day, moment by moment.

There are so many gifts from the here and now.

The stillness and letting go of outcomes and ‘ways things need to be’ feels freeing- we have more energy, we realise there is no rush and that everything is happening as its meant to.

We find we have time to appreciate the present moment- we find the gifts in where we are in life- right here, right now,

How to enjoy the here and now, as it is;

  • Ask yourself, what are you running from? Why are you rushing forward? And listen -really listen- to what you say.
  • Every day count your blessings- what was good that happened? What are you grateful for? It can be as simple as seeing a nice sunrise or there being no queue when you are getting your coffee. When we focus on the good in the day we’ve had, then we find more of things to be grateful for in life we look for things to appreciate and notice there are lots of things to be grateful for.
  • Ground yourself in the present moment- place your feet on the ground, sit up and look around- name what can you see, hear, smell, taste, feel? We race through our days without pausing to really be there in the moment- by doing this short exercise whenever you can through your day, it gets you back into the moment- look at my grounding blog
  • Throughout the day, see how many people you can really connect with. When you’re with them, notice if your mind wanders, if it does, (which all our minds do), bring yourself back to what the person is saying. Our minds wander constantly, but when we give our time to a person 100% and really listen and be there, without interrupting, we have a chance at really connecting with another human being and there is benefit in doing this for us as well, research shows by connecting to others in this way we increase the amount of oxytocin in our bodies and we feel happier.
  • Reflect- What are the gifts to the stage you are at in your life? How can you make the most of it as it is? I used to really want to find love, it was only when I slowed down and accepted that actually there were many gifts in being single that I actually started enjoying the here and now.

By awakening to the gifts of where we are in our lives at the moment we can really make the most of it- things evolve and change- like the seasons. Rushing through the day and our lives mean we can’t fully be living the stage we are at and before we know it we’re onto the next stage in our life (or season) having not made the most of where we are right now.

This too shall pass- life is never still, things constantly evolve, so its making the most of the gifts of each stage just as it is, as it will change soon enough.

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