• Jennifer is a fantastic life coach. Over the past few months she has helped me identify a number of areas in my life that had caused me concern and worked with me to find a way to knock down barriers and fulfil my potential.  Like many people I have been held back in life by fear, procrastination and a negative voice in my head. In many ways my life has been good - I've had a good career, great friends and family - but I was as at a crossroads when we began our telephone coaching sessions. I had real reservations about life coaching and, also, about doing it by telephone.  But both were dispelled once we started.  Jennifer has an instinctual gift for understanding how people tick, she is kind and compassionate but she is not afraid to be tough when situation calls for it.  Using her training in psychology and life coaching and a range of simple techniuqes she has helped me beat many of my fears and shown me a way to combat negative thought patterns and behaviours. I'm not perfect but I am clear that the coaching with Jennifer has given me a boost and a clear path to the next phase of my life.  Thank you Jennifer!!

    Wendy, 54
  • I would happily and highly recommend Jennifer to anyone considering coaching. Jennifer provided a relaxed and reassuring approach, and she was not afraid to challenge me and push the boundaries, to help enable that growth and outside the box thinking. Jennifer's chemistry call really helped me to understand what coaching is all about and whether it was right for me. Now, 6 months later, I feel that I am better attuned to what I want from life professionally and personally, and I have the tools and focus now to reach my goals.

  • Jennifer has helped me to become crystal clear about the activities and actions I need to take to move my life and business forward.  My confidence has increased and this is connected with my sense of self worth and feeling and knowing the value I have to offer. Jennifer is supportive, dynamic and resilient with a heartfelt and pragmatic coaching style.  She is honest, straight forward and encouraging.  I highly recommend her as she has helped me make the changes I wish to make.

    Caroline, 44
  • My journey into coaching with Jennifer was not because I was a victim who needed help but actually, I was not fulfilling my own goals in life. Is it all too easy to get caught up in the day to day momentum of life and like a fish in a shoal, I was caught. I have a social and professional network where I regularly talk through ideas but decided that I needed someone different to work with me, to help me make a change. This is when I started working with Jennifer as my coach. Previously I had received a couple of sessions of coaching at work but I have never really been coached. Therefore my expectations were open and decided that I would see how the process progressed. I immediately found the first session useful, as I was asked to think about other areas in my life and aims that I had forgotten about. This started to get me to reflect and opened up my mind. Together with Jennifer’s facilitation, I set myself both short and long term goals. I found that Jennifer was flexible in her approach for trying different tools and techniques to get me to think creatively. Personally I found this effective and really refreshing. I enjoyed doing fun exercises and whilst they might have felt strange at the time, they gave me inspiration. The reason why I found Jennifer as a coach really usual was because I was able to trust her and share my thoughts and beliefs that have haunted me for many years. This is a really important point and of course there are other coaches out there but I found that Jennifer is able to balance her approach with being both empathic but also challenging self-limiting beliefs. As a result of the coaching sessions, I have made significant changes to my life and have continued to use techniques that I learnt from my sessions with Jennifer. The coaching process does require you to set time aside, do some outside thinking and be honest with yourself in order to maximise the process. If you do this, you will achieve a significant amount in a short period of time and would highly recommend Jennifer as the perfect coach to start your journey!

    Sarah, 32
  • I came to Jennifer because I was at a crossroads in a number of areas in my life, including looking for love and my reassessing my career. Over a number of sessions, Jennifer gave me a number of tools and exercises to really help with my thinking, clear the fog and break some old patterns. I am still using many of the tools she recommended.  Jennifer creates a very safe and trusting environment, and has great warmth and energy. I would not hesitate to recommend her!

    Emma, 42
  • Jennifer’s warmth and compassion created a beautifully open space for me to explore my goals.  She used a range of tools so that the sessions were dynamic and connected with both the emotional and logical aspects of my goals, which allowed me to see ways forward.  Jennifer’s encouraging guidance and intuition on what to work with always showed me new insights into myself and what I wanted.  The sessions left me feeling focused and clear about my path ahead and empowered to get there.  I would strongly recommend Jennifer for coaching, she has helped me in so many ways and her unique positive energy is unlike any other coach I’ve seen.

    Julia, 32
  • Jennifer truly epitomizes belief in human potential. Her dedication in using her skills to help those most in need to turn their lives around is inspirational. The 8-week workshop Jennifer devised and delivered has had a life changing impact on our unemployed single mother’s. She has given them the confidence to believe they can succeed in the workplace. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a professional trainer who delivers transformational change even for the most disadvantaged in our society.

    Jeanita Cardinal Humes
  • I asked Jennifer to run a career workshop for myself and four friends. This was an extremely useful experience and I found working in a group of people, sharing ideas and expertise really instructive. Jennifer inspired the group with confidence, and we were able to continue to remind each other of what we had learned whilst we all carried on job hunting. Probably the most telling result is that, in a competitive job market, 18 months on from the career workshop, we have all changed jobs.

    Susie, 32
  • I came to Jennifer looking for help with some major changes I’m undergoing in my life and career. Right from the beginning Jennifer has given me clarity about what’s really important to me and shown me how to overcome any obstacles I may have been facing. Jennifer is a ray of light – her calming energy and attentive listening style have been a great help, and the tools she’s taught me are proving very useful already. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone in a time of major change and transition

    Ben, 29
  • Jennifer has been immensely helpful in assisting me with a change of career and in particular, provided great coaching and support with helping me to draw on my transferable skills. I am extremely happy that I made the leap to change careers and Jennifer has been a catalyst in helping me realise my potential.

    Tania, 35