My Values – How They Guide & Shape Me

roller-skates-381216_640Hello! Welcome to my first blog entry!

I decided to start writing a blog to bring together all the tips and knowledge I have picked up over the years that have been helpful to me.

As a Life Coach, I have always had a love for self development and getting the most out of life, bringing more happiness and fun in along the way!

My weekly blog will be bringing together ideas on how to kick start parts of your life and flourish where you are right now!

So to start, I’m in my mid thirties and have a passion for personal growth and development, I live in London but love the hills of Bath.

I’m planning on doing a post on Values in a few weeks so, I thought I’d start this week by sharing with you my values and how I interweave them and use them as a compass in my life everyday.

Knowing what your values are can be a brilliant way to guide and make decisions. Values change through your life but some can also be pretty constant.

So here are a cherry picked few of mine;

Nurturing and Nourishing-

I love nurturing and nourishing loved ones, others (where I can) and myself. I have found over time though, that if my love tank is not full, nurturing others is much harder to do from a place of love, so I have a ‘nurturing me’ list and keep it visible so that when I am feeling out of sorts I can check out the list and pick a way to nurture myself, some of my favourites on the list are; a candle lit bubble bath, a yummy hot chocolate with cream, a home cooked meal, a walk in the park looking at my favourite trees, listening to the melodies in some of my favourite tunes. What would you have on your ‘nurturing me’ list? I nurture and nourish others by volunteering (I get a real buzz out of this) and where I can, supporting and encouraging the people around me to reach their dreams.


I love playing, having fun and connecting with my playful self. My partner has a skill for really coaxing me to live this value to the full, through playing cards, singing karaoke, going on the swings in the park and rollerblading (to name but a few ways).


for me, freedom allows me to be who I am and not be tied to who people want me to be, this shows up in not feeling boxed in and being free to make decisions that work for me. I honour this value by allowing free time in my diary for spontaneity, working for myself and going for runs in nature.


Having the courage of conviction to stand for what I believe in and follow my path invokes a passion and energy in me, having the courage to speak up when things feel wrong and to change things when I’ve taken a wrong turn in life.
So enough about my values what are yours? And how can you use them in your life to bring more colour to it?

More on values soon, I hope you liked my first blog entry!

Jennifer x


  1. Maxine

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to future ones.

    1. admin

      Thanks Maxine, I glad you like it. If you’re interested, I am doing a monthly ‘flourishing life’ newsletter with inspirational quotes, images, tips, songs ideas and my blog entries. There is a button on the front page where you can sign up.
      Jennifer x

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