Making your House a Home Haven

hyacinth-1399045_640I’ve just moved house and know only too well how moving house is often a time that brings up feelings of unsettledness and stress.

Having moved house two times in the last 18 months I’m getting the knack of making a house into a home, keeping the stress levels low and the energy levels high!

I love making a house into a haven and a creating a space that feels calm and safe. I thought I’d pull together a few tips on how I get through the chaos of moving and creating a home.

Before you move;

  1. Declutter– moving is a great time to get rid of all the broken, unused, old things that are cluttering up your home. Getting rid of clutter is a great energy-giver as everything in our home holds a bit of our energy and when we get rid of things that aren’t serving us any more then it frees us to focus our attention on what’s important. Start a room at a time (maybe one a week) and when you’ve been round your home once, do each room again- it’s amazing how much stuff you get rid of when you imagine actually carrying it around on your back and how much of this stuff we own that drains us- I use the rule of ‘if I haven’t used in 6 months I get rid of it’.
  2. Lists, lists, lists! I am a list lover and create lists for what needs to be done before the move, after the move, what needs to be bought, who needs to be called. Lists can really help gain a sense of achievement and how far I have come with sorting things out.
  3. Visualise and create moodboards– What do you want your home to feel like? What words would you use to describe it?  Look online and google ‘calm’ rooms or ‘vibrant’ rooms or ‘fun’ rooms, with every image you like, add it to a ‘new home’ document or Pinterest. Get a feel for each room and the colour pallettes. Each room can have its own feel and vibe- look at making your home and rooms in your home appeal to the different parts of you. For me, my bedroom is always white, calm and magical, with fairy lights white sumptuous bedding and minimal clutter- a perfect place to get some shut eye.
  4. When moving it helps to look at the floor plan and really visualize what you want to do with each area- no area is dead space- a little window cove can be turned into a quiet reading spot with floor cushions, lighting and a cosy throw.

When you move in;

When I move I first cleanse the house with sage smudge sticks (can be bought on amazon), salt in the corners and sound (clapping,chimes, bells), this helps remove the old energy and opens up for the new energy that’s entering.

Everything in a home needs its own home. This makes sure that it is as organized, peaceful, calm and as energy-giving as possible. When you see clutter and jobs to be done around the home it can take a bit of your energy away as you’re reminded what needs to be done.

Whatever your home is like it is key that it reflects you and is a haven you can escape to- a place where you can be you.

Jennifer x

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