Hi, I’m Jennifer Boon CPCC, I’m a professional certified life coach and author.

I specialise in working with people who aren’t living live the way they hoped to, but know deep down they want to create positive change.

It is my mission to be a catalyst for change in people’s lives, supporting you to make the most of life right now and cutting through the inner chatter to create a life you dared not to imagine.

What you can expect from coaching with me

  • Build your Self Confidence  – We can all have feelings of not being good enough. Feeling like you don’t fit in. The inner chatter within all of us can hold you back and keep you prisoner in situations you want to get out of. Working together we can cut through the inner chatter and unshackle the chains of discomfort. Coaching empowers you to not be a shadow of yourself.
  • Overcome Fear and Feeling stuck – if you are feeling stuck, procrastinating or being held back by fear it can feel like it creates a cloud over life that just won’t go. Together we will work on the aspects of your life that will help you move forward, taking positive steps into building a life you love and want to be a part of.
  • Dating and Relationships – Being single and dating when looking for love can be great fun but it can also be lonely, challenging, confidence knocking and an emotional rollercoaster This is a time when looking after yourself and building your resilience and self acceptance is key so that there are less ‘It it me?’ moments.
  • Career Health – Feeling stuck or unsure of your next career step is draining. Having feelings of not being good enough or Feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and worry about your ability in the workplace creates a downward spiral of uneasiness and worthlessness. It’s time for a change.
  • Creating the life you dared not imagine– Working together we’ll build the foundations for you to know what you want and establish the steps to get there- helping you to achieve those things you only ever dreamed of.

My Survive and Thrive book series

In addition to my coaching, I am writing a series of books called the ‘Survive and Thrive’ series. These books help women through a series of challenging life stages- dating and being single, miscarriage and infertility and the first year of motherhood.

My first book is available now on Amazon. Take a look at the Survive and Thrive pages on this site to find out more.

Why choose me as your life coach?

I am professionally qualified, fully certified, trained in two coaching schools and have been immersed in self-development for most of my life.

I know what it feels like to feel stuck. Both in a career and in relationships.

Feeling stuck in a job, knowing I wasn’t fulfilling my own potential. But the turmoil and stagnation that comes with making a change can be deliberating.

And I’ve experienced constant necessity of having to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back in the game mentality, when single and dating.

But enough was enough.  I decided to make a change and follow my passion. A passion that has led me wanting to help you do the same thing. Have the confidence and resilience and inner strength to do the same – whether it is in you career, your relationships or (importantly) just for you.

As well as writing for my own blog, I also write for pink moods and life coach directory on related topics such as building self-confidence, changing careers, improving relationships, dating and resilience building. And I’m also excited to be publishing my first book on thriving in life.

Reach your full potential.

What can you expect from coaching with me?

Through our coaching sessions, I create a neutral space for you to explore what you want and where you want to get to. Unlike talking to friends and family, my role is to be unbiased. I will be honest and challenge you, as well as share tools and techniques that will benefit your life immediately.

I value freedom and honesty, so this comes through in my coaching style.

You will not be tied to a set number of sessions. We will work together for as few or many sessions it takes to help you achieve your goal.

You’ll know when you’re ready. Your mind-set will shift, you’ll feel more focused and be prepared to move forward – whatever that means for you.

If you want to fulfil your true potential and live the life you want, contact me for a free 30-minute exploratory session to answer any questions you may have and to give you an idea of my coaching style.

We can all overcome our self-sabotaging side, making way to build self-confidence and self-esteem and move into a life we love.