January – A Time for Reflection As Well As Resolutions

It’s nearly mid-Janbalance-110850_1280uary and New Year and 2015 seem a distant memory. January is the time of resolutions and new beginnings, but there is something to be said of using the cold and cosy month as a chance to stay in and reflect on the year you’ve had and contemplate the year you want to come.

In our lives, we often rush forward and rarely pause or reflect on how things have been and how we’ve got to where we are. We are often looking for the next thing- be it a social event coming up or a holiday booked or just finding ways to block out the cold winter months.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong in looking ahead and making plans, but often where we have come from and what we have been through can really help us with figuring out and guiding our future path so before you rush head long into 2016, here are ways to help you with taking stock of where you’ve been so far.

1 – Get some quiet time in your diary even a few minutes every day or 30 minutes to take the time and space to think about 2015 and also think about life so far – what’s working? What’s not? What are you proud of? What would you like more of? What would you like less of? How have you grown in 2015?

2 – Ask yourself am I living to my values? Our values are unique to all of us and like a compass, they can guide us to where we need to go, when we don’t live by our values, we can feel dulled and unfulfilled – for exercises to find out about your unique values take a look at my blog xx

3 – Gratitude – one of my favourite ways to change life’s focus – what were you grateful for in 2015? How can you bring this through into your year ahead?

4 – If there was a word you wanted to give 2016 what would it be? For me, this year is the year of nurturing and growth, of myself and those around me. Often by setting the intention and naming what we want the year to bring it helps us focus on that.

So perhaps this January, pause any rushing ahead and allow a moment to reflect on what’s been.

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