How to Listen & Meet Your Needs in Life

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Listening and understanding your needs

Often coaching clients come to me feeling really disconnected about who they are and what they want in life. This has a huge impact their lives.

Life feels duller and can feel directionless, we have less idea of our wants and needs and so don’t know what to do to meet them. So this blog post is to help you connect back into who you are and what your needs are.

In life we can be so busy that our needs are put way down the list of priorities. In between rushing here there and everywhere.

But knowing and meeting our needs means we don’t fall off track and end up feeling disconnected to who we are.

Here are some ways you can help connect back into your needs;

  • Listen and check in with yourself throughout the day, ask yourself, ‘Am I feeling happy, sad, annoyed?’ ‘What emotion am I feeling?’ ‘How am I feeling within my body?’ It sounds a chore to do this, but it all helps us piece together information about our needs so we can start being aware of them and then listening to them and acting on them. It helps to get into the habit of doing this regularly through the day.
  •  Be non judgemental and compassionate to yourself. Many times we give ourselves targets and goals to reach, without actually listening to ourselves, we drive forward, meeting this deadline and that deadline, instead of actually just going with the flow and listening to what is needed in the moment and sometimes what we need is peace, quiet and down time.
  •  Create downtime for yourself every day, this can be as simple as a bubble bath or a walk out in nature, or listening to songs you love, or watching something that connects you back into who you are at your core.
  •  Give yourself permission to have your needs met- we can fall victim to ignoring this (especially women can). We put our needs after everyone else’s around us, but actually when we meet our own needs first, we give to others from a place of love instead of a place of resentment.

In this busy world, listening and honoring our needs often falls by the wayside, how can you listen and honor your needs today?

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