How Music can be a Tool for Self-Growth


This last few months has been incredibly busy and filled with lots of change. We’re close to moving house and moving to a place with lots of trees and outside space.

Through the busyness (and sometimes chaos), through the dramas and the sorting, music has been in my soul helping me along my way.

And it got me thinking about the role of music in my life and how I use it as a tool to empower and support me along whatever journey I am on.

Let me explain, when I used to work in marketing, I had a ‘bad day’ playlist filled with songs that summed up how I felt after a battering in the office.

When I was single and dating I had a playlist that tapped into that inner confidence inside when I was going to meet a new date.

When I was feeling sad and low, but unable to really express those feelings because they were hidden deep inside, I used music to access them through my sad song playlist.

When I knew life was fab and I had loads to be grateful for I listened to my ‘life is great’ playlist filled with musical treats to keep me feeling full of gratitude.

When I wanted change, songs of freedom such as Queen ‘I want to break free’ were on regular repeat.

And last week when I was doing my oral exams, ‘Proud’ by M-people and ‘One moment in time’ by Whitney Housten got me through and focused.


Music has played a role in my life at speaking to the depths of me and awakening parts of me.

So why on earth am I writing about this?

Because I know how powerful music can be at influencing who I am and who I want to show up in the world as.

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‘Music was my first love

and it will be my last

– the music of the future

and the music of the past.’ -John Miles







It has a way to connect us into certain feelings and memories- this means that music can be used as a way to help us choose how we want to show up in the world.


So here are some ways to use music to empower you-

  •  Mood Music- Have a think about the types of music you love and how it makes you feel- start creating playlists of songs for your different moods- perhaps classical music makes you feel calm, or songs by Jack Johnson remind you of a holiday you had where everything felt right- by getting playlists with different songs, it gives you a way to get into the frame of mind you want to create at particular times.
  • What areas in your life do you struggle with? Perhaps it’s the morning commute? The frantic pace of the day? The sadness at coming home to a flat that isn’t what you hoped for in life? If you were to create a play list to help you with this –what would be on it? What songs connect you into a time and a place where you feel great?
  • Create a morning sunshine playlist to get you in a positive place to start your day- some of my favourites are ‘Counting Stars’ by Republic, it’s a Beautiful Day by Michael Buble.
  • What is important to you in your life? What songs remind you and connect you with what’s important? My blog on Values can help you think about this. Use certain songs to connect you back onto the path you want to be.
  • Confidence playlist-If you have something important like a job interview or a meeting to prepare for, get a few confidence boosting songs you can play on your I-pod to get you in the frame of mind to be able to show up as your best- a fab confidence booster on my playlist is Party in the USA by Bella Belles, Pitch Perfect, or embarrassing to admit, ‘I have confidence’ Sound of Music.
  • Have bop breaks through the day – the right music can lift us up and make us feel great. So have times through the day where you put on a song you love and dance as if no one is watching and feel the freedom and joy created in letting go of the to-do list and being in the moment having fun.

Music is another tool to add to your armory to influence how you feel and how you show up in your day.

What songs do you use to connect you into who you want to be?

I coach men and women on building confidence and overcoming fears. Enabling them to be empowered in their life and step into a life they love. If you know anyone who would benefit from this post please share, or if you’d like a free sample session  get in touch.


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