Life coaching is often seen as a bit of a mystery and people tend to steer clear of it because they don’t know what it’s all about or perhaps they think it’s therapy or someone telling them what to do.

Life coaching can really impact a person’s life. Helping you move forward into a life you really want.

No life coaching session is the same but, to give an overview, initially we will look at what you want to get out of the coaching,we’ll establish goals and use ‘take home’ tools to help you find clarity and the direction you want to go in. From there,  throughout the coaching, I hold an open, neutral space, keeping your goals and what you want out of coaching in focus whilst exploring what the blocks and beliefs that are keeping you from that place you want to get to.

The place you want to get to, isn’t necessarily a physical place such as moving homes, or jobs but more importantly it’s reaching and finding an internal place that allows you to look at your life in new ways, to be more self confident, to be aware and know how to handle fears and emotions that have been bottled up inside.

In the coaching session, we will use tools and techniques to help give you clarity on where you want to focus, establish what’s important to you, I will ask questions to help you delve deeper into what’s important to you.

As well as coaching tools and techniques I bring through my knowledge of  mindfulness tools, tools to build self confidence, help manage and process emotions, tools from positive psychology. My approach is flexible and adapted to your needs all with the aim of supporting you to reach your goals and give you a clearer sense of who you are. We will also look at your blocks preventing you moving forward and use take home tools and techniques right for you.

My Coaching sessions are one hour and there is often agreed homework assignments and actions to support you to make the changes you want between sessions. I offer email support between sessions so that you know there is someone journeying with you whilst you are making change.

My role is to support you on your journey and provide that sparky catalyst for change in your life, right now.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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