I use a combination of Co-Active Coaching and Human Potential Coaching to inspire action and bring about real change and flourishing.

I have always had a passion for personal growth and development and have read widely around the subject so I also bring my intuition and life experience to my coaching style.

So what does Co-Active Coaching and Human Potential Coaching actually mean?

What is Co-Active Coaching?

Co-Active Coaching is an established, internationally renowned style of coaching. In Co-Active Coaching both the coach and the client work in partnership to empower the coachee to reach their goals. As a CoActive Coach I hold my clients as naturally creative, resourceful, whole and completely capable of finding their own answers to the challenges they face in their life.

The role of a Co-Active Coach is to be curious, use intuition and deeply listen to the underlying words being spoken and listen to what is not being spoken. Being a CoActive coach means being honest, bold and willing to hold a mirror up to a client’s life (with love) to empower change.

I work with my coachee in partnership using tools and techniques to break through fears and old beliefs so you can step into your confident best self with ease and excitement.

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What is Human Potential Coaching?

Human Potential Coaching is softer and deeper style of coaching.

In this style of life coaching the coach works with the mind, body, beliefs and emotions.

Holding a safe space for clients to discover their values, gifts and deeper purpose.

A Human Potential Coach uses a number of ‘take home’ tools that clients can use in their everyday life to help manage stress, emotion, build resilience and bring more peace and confidence into every day.

Human Potential Coaching helps clients moved from self rejection to self acceptance and a sense of peace.

This model focuses on being present in the moment and working from a place of authenticity. 

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How do I use both coaching styles?

Using both styles means that I adapt my approach depending on my client’s needs and goals. This means I am not attached to an outcome and way things need to be. Instead I support you on your journey in the way that works for you. I use my intuition to guide me on the most effective approach to bring about the change you want to see and  my testimonies show I bring results and transformative change into client’s lives.

If you have any questions on my coaching style please contact me.

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