Life Coaching gives you new ways to tackle the challenges you face. Coaching builds your self confidence and emotional resilience. It gives you clarity on the direction you want to go, breathing space to figure out what’s important to you, then coaching gives you the support needed for you to take your next step.

Do these challenges sound like you?

When we are unhappy with an area of our life or our lives generally, we often turn to friends and family for advice,we go online and search out the answers to help us, perhaps we sign up for a course or buy a book that promises to help us with the change we are wanting to make.

But often even if we are filled with hope and optimism and enthusiasm initially we lose our motivation and what ever we have tried drops off into another thing we’ve done but hasn’t succeeded.

Often our friends and family have opinions about what we should do and how we should approach the situation we’re in,  even though we hear some great advice, something stops us taking the action and next step.

Finding out where we want to go and how to get there is challenging. We often have blinkers on and before we know it, we are not where we thought we would end up.

It can feel scary and too risky to follow dreams in case we fail. It can also be challenging knowing what to do and how to follow an inspired life. It can feel like there are lots of options and none all at the same time. So this often leads to stuckness and stagnation, we keep ourselves busy so we don’t have to face the background feelings of not being where we want to be.

So how can Life Coaching help?

Coaching gives you the chance to have breathing space away from the busyness of life, to press the pause button and reflect on what you really want in life.

I create a neutral space for this exploration, I have no biased opinion on the right approach for you. What I do and what I am trained to do, is to allow you to explore your blocks, hidden beliefs that hold you back and make you feel not good enough and unconfident.

We then use tools and techniques to build your confidence, to break through your fears and then take action in creating a life you love and can’t wait to be a part of.

My job is to help you get clarity on what is important to you in your life, to enable you to reach your goals, and increase your self confidence and wellbeing along the way.

To find out client experiences of coaching with me, come over to my Praise page here, or for more information on how I can help you, contact me here.






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