Have Courage & Be Kind

kindness-1197351_1280I watched the new Cinderella film the other day and I just loved the advice Cinderella got from her mum on her deathbed – to have courage and be kind.

It made me wonder what all our lives would be like if we all lived by this mantra.

Courage comes in many forms – from taking a stand in our lives to standing by decisions we have made, to admitting when we have taken the wrong path, to truly following our hearts.

Kindness is something that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Kindness comes in many forms – from helping another person out, to being kinder to ourselves in the way we treat ourselves. Kindness is not only good for those around us but it has been proven to keep us healthy and help our hearts stay strong as well.

This blog post is here to help you bring more braveness and kindness into your life today.

  1. Ask yourself, in what ways can I have courage today? Perhaps you have been shying away from a situation or a person, what can you do to bring this mantra into your life right now?
  2. Practice loving kindness meditation – this has been proven to increase feelings of well being and makes us more compassionate to others and kinder to ourselves. I didn’t quite believe that this would work but I tried it for a good few weeks and really noticed a change in how I felt, try it today.
  3. Commit to doing 5 random acts of kindness a day – for just one week – this has been proven to increase our sense of well being and lifts our self esteem as well as helping others.
  4. Reflect – is there any area in your life where being courageous and  standing up to another is needed? Often we allow our boundaries to be pushed through in a bid to keep the peace. In an act of kindness towards yourself who is treading on your boundaries? Start by knowing what is important to you then, practice asserting your needs in front of the mirror, then do so with others.
  5. Develop your sense of self – spend time knowing what is and isn’t important to you so that your sense of identity has a strong foundation. This enables you to have the solid foundation to be courageous when needed. To help develop your sense of self, find out what values are important to you, my blog post on values gives ideas how.
  6. Change your focus – start listening to the quieter kinder voice within, rather than the harsher snippier inner critic. When we show kindness to ourselves, we feel kinder to others around us so being loving and kind to us first has a knock on effect for everyone in our lives. Start by bringing attention to the voices you have internally and then focus and give your attention to what the gentler voice says.

Having Courage and being Kind is so often overlooked in life as the nice-to-haves not the must-haves. But bringing these qualities into our lives I believe changes the focus and brings in authenticity and a simplicity in stripping life back to what matters – not being afraid of being our true selves – this takes courage and kindness to accept what is.

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