Handling life’s transitions

Transitions Autumn- a time of transitions.  

And wow this Autumn has opened up the world of my oldest going to school. My youngest growing and evolving, naps stopping (and restarting), life growing and changing. That’s my transition to navigate, what is yours? Perhaps it’s changing jobs, people in your life leaving, children going to university, a new home, new job – new chapters beginning.  I find within this period of transition and change so much comes up. Here are a few of the things I am finding helpful in navigating change. 

Make time to process feelings. Whatever we do in life there are feelings (often contrasting) that come up, joy and pain, relief and sadness, fear and excitement. Bringing awareness to what is coming up inside can really help, journaling, making time to allow and not judge what comes up can also help. I love using Emotional Freedom Technique Eft for processing emotions- Google ‘Brad Yates’ on You tube to find some fab tapping videos. 

Create space– hard as this can be, create space for you to be still. Often when change and transitions happen there can be a tendency to rush straight in to filling that space with something, anything. Being with that space and seeing what comes up allows for the whispering of our hearts to be heard. 

Be kind to you– do something for you. Be it going to bed a little earlier to read a good book, going for a walk in nature. Having kindness for all we think and feel, allows us to go through the time of change with a fuller reserve tank of resilience.I know I have felt a mix of feelings at this time and have sensed the need to increase self care. 

Be mindful of fear, fear is pretty much always there with change. The ‘not knowing what’s next’ can feel so real and ‘in the body’ as an experience. Fear is always there when we are entering new unknown territories. Knowing it’s there and acknowledging instead of resisting it, can help reduce it’s impact, a great book on fear is ‘Feel the fear and Do it anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. 

Appreciation– bringing gratitude to what you have had- no matter what it was. Celebrating the time that has passed allows a level of completion of that time.  

What grounds you? In any period of transition, using ways to connect and get you back to your roots really helps- walks in nature, baking, connecting with an old friend, yoga, a hobby you love, knitting, painting. I love reading books and curling up with a pot of tea to help create silence and space to connect back in with me. 

Transitions are all part of our life journey, they are part of who we are and who we are meant to become.

To honour the changes we go through, without rushing onto the next thing, allows us to go through this life awake and alive.

Hard as it is, being present through the hard bits make the ‘easier’ parts of life more joyful.

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