To accompany my Survive and Thrive Dating and Being Single book, I am launching my Survive and Thrive Group Coaching Programme.

This four month course is for anyone who keeps questioning ‘Is it me?’ is fed up with the rollercoaster of being single and looking to settle down and putting life on hold in the process.

You will be part of an intimate group, speaking every two weeks, this course offers you the chance to really move forward with where you are at and use the tools of coaching and self growth to empower you to make the changes you want in life.

We will be working through Self acceptance, resilience, confidence, your hopes and dreams, as well looking at your beliefs and inner world to empower you to grow into your most confident self.

Over our eight hourly sessions, we will look at various self development areas and I will be coaching on the topics.  By the end of this program you will be in a place to move forward into the life you only dreamed of.

Contact me to find out more information on when the next course is running.