Four Ways to Make Changes this Spring

We are well into Spring and with blossom on the trees and colour springing up everywhere, now is a great time to be making changes in your life.

Here are some ways to help you make the changes you want, today.

Wheel of life

The Wheel of Life tool is a great tool to give clarity on our life as a whole. Go online and search wheel of life or I have one on my website for downloading wheel of life. This is a tool that segments the areas of our lives so that we can see what is out of balance. Give each area a score out of 10 – 0 being unbalanced and in need of change and 10 you are happy with this area. When you have done this, take a look at your completed wheel and ask yourself, ‘where are there blocks and issues in my life?’ ‘What do I want to change now?’ This helps us focus on where we want to make change.

What kind of life would you want? Often we think and talk about what we don’t have, rather than focusing and visualizing the life we want. We often focus on what isn’t working rather than on what we want to happen- this change in focus helps us on getting to where we want to get to rather than keeping us stuck where we are.

Decluttering-I am a massive fan of decluttering and this is a two part declutter tip.

First of all decluttering the home, helps create a calming space and open space ready for change. To help you with decluttering, look at items you own and ask yourself if you’ve used it in the last 6-8 months, if you haven’t, consider whether you will use it in the future if not give it out to charity or friends.

Decluttering the mind-thoughts pop into our heads all the time every day, become aware of the thoughts that keep coming up- by paying attention of the different thoughts that come up- especially the ones that regularly come up, it gives us a chance to decide if we want to attach to that thought or not. It gives us a choice. Thoughts can hook us in and make us feel bad, and keep us stuck where we are.

Write down your regular thoughts and ask yourself ‘Is this thought helpful in getting me where I want to get to?’ If it is, then great, if it isn’t then look at replacing it with a more helpful thought or an affirmation.

Make sure you give yourself manageable changes to make, when we want to make changes, we can throw ourselves into a new life and it can be overwhelming. Making small changes and achieving those changes, helps build us up and bolster us forward into the life we want to create.

Let me know how you get on with bringing new change into your life this Spring.

If you want support in making changes in your life, I offer 1 on 1 coaching and also small group coaching programmes- take a look at my website to find out more.


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