1. Laura

    I can totally relate to this post, personally and professionally. I am bombarded by my inner chatter, often positive but too often negative, particularly when I’m really tired or not looking after myself. I love the idea of personifying the negative voice and also facing the 2 percent truth in what it says, so that I’m not just banishing it, but discrediting it too. THANK YOU JEN for these insights!

    1. Jennifer Boon

      Thanks Laura for your comment- yes the inner chatterbox has a habit of bombarding frequently and you’re right it definitely has more air time when we’re tired, if it helps to have it in written format I have produced a article with the same information on it
      If there are any other topics you’d want videos on- i’m collating a topic collection to video post so just let me know!thanks again for the feedback! jennifer x

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