Hi, I’m  Jennifer Boon, I am passionate about helping people find their way and reach their full potential.

A bit about my journey;

I had a successful 15 year Marketing career in both Corporate and Public sectors, but knew deep down something was missing and it wasn’t what I was meant to be doing. So, I set about exploring what was important and started a journey of self discovery. I get what it’s like to feel stuck in life and importantly, I have learnt how to get out of the rut.

I found myself drawn and feeling in flow when helping others move out of stuck life situations, shining the light on opportunities.

After exploring a course in Counselling and completed year long Introductory Certificate at Birbeck College in 2007, I  felt it was too past-focused and realised I thrived when helping people on their goals and vision.

I volunteered as a mentor for a charity helping young disadvantaged adults and found I had a skill in creating a safe space, nurturing development in others.

In 2010, I trained as a CoActive Life Coach with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and then added to my skills by training with The Human Potential Coaching Academy. This school combines many areas of interest and has a holistic approach that works well with the CoActive model. I  graduated as a Human Potential Coach, became certified and accredited as a CoActive Coach and now use a combination of the two coaching styles to bring about transformative change.

I am currently completing my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology – the Science of Happiness and use the tools from this in my coaching.

I’m happily married, but that wasn’t always the case! I struggled to find love and experienced many dead-end relationships and heartbreak – I use these experiences to help others improve their relationships and find love.


I have been told I create a warm, neutral, safe space to explore what is important, and I am fully with you on your journey of discovery.

My real passion is helping people flourish, grow their confidence, overcome their internal sabotaging, understand who they are, what’s important to them, and work with people to create a future they dream of.


I trained and gained certification with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute. Beginning in 2010, and throughout the course completing 104 coaching training hours, I then became certified with the Coaches Training Institute in 2015 – this certification program is the most rigorous and respected in the industry. Click here to find out more about CTI.

In 2012 I started training with the Human Potential Coaching Academy. This coaching style works in the present moment and takes a holistic view of the clients life. I graduated in early 2014. Click here to find out more about Human Potential Coaching.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and am accredited as an ACC.

I bring this training through into my coaching, to help clients develop confidence and resilience to flourish in their lives.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you get where you want to be.