7 Ways to Keep the Holiday Feel Everyday of the Year

accessories-84528_640September is edging closer and the summer holidays are beginning to ebb away.

I don’t know about you, but holidays give me a real chance to have breathing space, to try something new and to connect with who I am without the stresses of everyday life. It used to leave me wondering how I can get the refreshed holiday feeling every day – not just when I’m on holiday. Holidays often condense exquisiteness and pleasure into a week (or two) but what if you could bring that pleasure into your schedule everyday?

Below are some tips so you have keep the holiday feeling a little longer

1) Set aside time every day to do something you love

It doesn’t have to be as many hours as you get on holiday- even 15 minutes will do. Connecting and doing something you love will refresh and energise you and will help to remind you about what’s important.

2) Look at every day as a mini adventure

…and build moments of spontaneity in to your everyday routine. It can be as simple as taking a different route to work, mixing up your lunch time routine with walks in a nearby park or trip to a local museum/art gallery or a trying a new after work activity that you’ve always want to try and not got round to, even switching off the TV…

3) Go to bed a bit earlier

…so you can get up refreshed and have more time in the mornings. When I used to work in marketing, I used to get up earlier everyday to go for a run, meditate, or simply have an extra long bubble bath (with candles)- starting the day in a relaxed, non rushed way helped me deal with the stresses of the day and made me feel more at peace and I felt I’d had a bit time for me and also felt more balanced. Choose something from your nurture me list.  A pleasure can be as simple as getting your favourite coffee on your way to work, making your favourite breakfast, creating a lunch that you can’t wait to eat.

4) Batch cook, portion up and freeze food – then have a week off cooking.

Have a week off from cooking and thinking about what to eat by eating frozen food you’ve cooked before hand and still get the nourishment of home cooked food. Foods that work well are some easy pasta sauces or chilli, curry and also soup.  When we are on holiday it can be delight to not have to think about cooking and what to eat for the week. Try to capture this at home.

5) Savour a meal a day

Make a ritual out of it. Set the table, put some flowers on the table, enjoy the flavours and the texture and take time savouring. Savouring everyday experiences are a great way to increase our ability to stay in the present moment, not our thoughts and increase our happiness by really enjoying it and make it a special experience.

6) Make time for reading

Reading can sometimes take a back seat when we’re at home and not on a beach relaxing, but it can give us a chance to escape into a story, see another perspective and tap into our imagination.

7) Take time at the end of each day for reflecting on the day.

What went well, what didn’t, what would you differently? How have you honored your values and future dream? What can you do tomorrow that can help you grow into who you want to be?

How do you hold on to your holiday feeling? What do you do to help maintain the perspective?

Jen x

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