7 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive

heart-1349974_1280So, you’re with the person you want to be with and you’re happy in that relationship, but how do you keep nurturing your love over time?

Often when we are in long term relationships, they can go on the back burner as other things come into our life that take priority – a busy job, a baby, a busy social life, hobbies, etc. All can mean that sometimes at certain points, our relationship goes on the back burner.

Relationships take work. Give and take is needed, as is compromise. I have always been fascinated in how to keep love alive once you have found the person you want to be with, so here is what I have found:

1. Give your relationship time. When we are more established as a couple, there can be the tendency to not put the time in to connect. Making time for each other where you have no distractions gives you breathing space to re-connect and spend time with each other. And also reaffirms the commitment you have both made to the relationship.

2. Have other interests. Having time and space away from each other is, I believe, as important as making time for each other. It means you both can grow and develop things that make your heart sing. The key is sharing what is going on and being curious about that part of your partner’s life.

3. Reminisce. Take time to reminisce about the time you’ve had together. Remember why you fell in love and how, this helps to keep the memories and feelings alive.

4. Make a dream board together. Think about the life you want together and create a dream board of it. Having a shared vision and shared dreams helps you create a future together to be able to make fruitful plans.

5. Practice gratitude. Expressing gratitude for all the things your partner does helps to keep the focus on the good they bring to the relationship. It is often easy to focus on the annoying things they do, but letting them know you appreciate them is a great way of keeping the focus on what they bring to the relationship.

6. Read John Gottman’s seven principles of making a marriage work. I love this book and think it has so much helpful information in it for long term relationships. In the book it talks about avoiding the four horse man- contempt, criticism, stonewalling and blame. Reading this book really helps to see how most couples can fix their relationships and make them more loving. I highly recommend!

7. Be honest. It’s so important to be honest with how you feel. Often we can hide our true feelings from our partner as we don’t want to rock the boat or hurt them. I urge you to speak your truth from a place of love, because hiding our feelings and thoughts can really create a wedge in relationships.

Relationships take work, commitment, compromise and a desire to make it work.

How do you keep your love alive? I would love to hear.

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