7 Tips to Flourish with Change

shutterstock_155422796Recently I have been through lots of changes, relocating to the countryside from the city, getting a (very energetic, bouncy) puppy, managing life without seeing my husband as much with his long daily commute.

Change is without a doubt unsettling, it can be exciting, but there can be a sense of uncertainty and reluctance about it, especially if things were kind of okay as they were before.

This blog post is here to help you manage and flourish with changes in your life.

Often in the build up to change we can really want certain changes to happen, we can feel restless or that something isn’t quite right in our lives.

The opportunity to make a change comes along and this is often the point some of us get the heeby jeebies and back off from change. We weigh it up in our minds and decide that actually things are okay as they are and bearable. Sometimes this is the right choice for us but often it is the choice of fear of the unknown and this keeps us small.

When we make changes there is a huge sense of uncertainty and often chaos whilst things realign in a new equilibrium.

When you are faced with change here are some ways to help you flourish;

  1. Give yourself space and quiet time to remain connected to who you are, often when changes happen we can get caught up in the moment and lose a sense of ourselves, we get busy and then feel really disconnected. So make time for quiet space to just be still. This gives you a chance to readjust to the new way of life.
  2. Get organized! With most changes chaos often ensues and we can feel overwhelmed, not just with the changes being made, but with the sense of chaos that follows. Look at your diary over the next few weeks/months and see where the pinch points will be. Get lists together of all the things that need to be done, create spreadsheets covering off anything actions and to-do lists.
  3. Ask for help and support from others; everyone goes through changes and it is in these times that we need to turn to our loved ones to help us through. Sometimes asking others for help and support feels too much of an ask, but when we need help often help in some form will appear, ask for help today.
  4. Self care- be gentle with yourself and give yourself time and space to readjust, have a playlist to help you connect back into you, have a perfume to wear that reminds you of who you are.
  5. Breathe- in times of stress focus on the breath. If you make your out breath longer it, calms your body and centres you.
  6. Connect to your bigger picture- this time in your life is a small part of your whole life and when the dust has settled and a new balance has been found you will feel proud of the change you’ve made, remembering this in the midst of the chaos is a challenge, if you can, connect back into the motivation behind wanting to make the change and keep this in mind.

Change is challenging for all of us, but it gives a unique opportunity for us to grow and evolve into who we are meant to be and when we take on change we grow in our belief of what we are capable of doing and indeed flourish.


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