5 Career Questions to Ask Yourself

motivational-1177435_640My Blog this week is about a question we can often find ourselves asking- ‘Is this it?’

We reach a certain age and point in our career and the drive we once had has waned a little. There is a nagging quiet voice in the back of our heads that asks the question- ‘Is this it?’ ‘Is this what I have worked to achieve?’ It may be the repetitive game of email tennis you’re playing, the daily schedule with no let up, nothing changing or evolving year after year, the feeling that life is passing you by, or it may well be the change in seasons that can make us consider what it’s all about.

As a coach, I see many clients who struggle with not being completely happy (but also not being unhappy) with the career they’ve chosen. Some are not really sure what to do and where to take it and feel a sense of deadness inside. We get used to a certain income level and way of life and it can sometimes feel that the changes we need to make are overwhelming and that it is actually too hard to know where to start and what to begin with.

So here are a few ideas on where to go next:

1) Think about how you can make more time in your life, to have space to consider your options. We often fill our days with lots of activities – which ones could be dropped? Which ones are helping you move towards who you want to be? Which ones are holding you back? By making space and time to be with life, and allowing thoughts to pop into our heads, we open ourselves up to new possibilities.

2) A few years ago a wise friend suggested, ‘Do whatever makes your heart sing’. These words have stayed with me and were always at the back of my mind when I was working in Marketing and helped me to become a life coach. What is it that you’ve always loved to do? What do you get lost in and forget time with? By following the clues of what we love to do and enjoy, it can help us on the quest to find what elements we would want in our future career.

3) Think about your strengths. What do you thrive on doing? What do friends and family compliment you about being good at? Are you curious about the world, have good judgment or able to lead and inspire? Perhaps you used to be creative but that has been on the backburner for a while. By knowing our strengths and using them, it increases our wellbeing and can help us to flourish. There are free resources on establishing what your strengths are on the web.

4) What are your Values? What’s important to you? Look out for my blog on Values soon- it gives some pointers on figuring out your values. Values help guide us and once we have our goals, they give us the guidance to know how to get there. One of my clients had the goal to become a nurse, but she couldn’t do this immediately and instead whilst saving she used her values of love and compassion to guide her thus increasing her sense of wellbeing every day.

5) What legacy do you want to leave when you look back over your life? Do you want to be known as an adventurer or entrepreneur? Perhaps you’ve never considered it. Often when we take some time to think about the impact we want to make; it changes our perspective.

Often before we can even consider what we want from our lives, we can find that our mind comes up with lots of reasons why the path isn’t right for us.

I will let you in on a secret- the moment we get closer to what we are meant to be doing, the more resistance we face internally.

We will feel conflict between letting go of what feels safe and the new unchartered territory. Learning ways to accept this conflict but still progress to what is true for us, deep within, is the challenge.

There will always be obstacles in the way, but following our hearts will lead to a quietening of the inner voice that asks ‘Is this it?’


  1. Laura Palmer

    I love this. Lots of food for thought. Thank you xx

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