10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Remain Grounded

number-1325109_640When any change happens it can shake our foundations and we can feel off kilter. Bringing yourself back to you and remaining grounded in life can really help you maintain focus and embrace any changes in life.

So what does being ‘Grounded’ mean? I’m sure there are lots of interpretations, but for me, it is being fully present and aligned in the moment. It is being connected to your physical body and the earth, tapping into the universal flow of energy, being focused and centred.

 It is often easier to recognise when you are not grounded. Being ungrounded can show up in excessively worrying, being a drama queen, using your energy in asking opinions of others but not moving ahead with life decisions, using up a lot of energy doing very little, not being able to focus or concentrate. It can often be hard to make decisions when your are in an ungrounded place, asking opinions from others around you, not stopping and having quiet time, flitting and not settling. It can be as simple as having feelings of unsettledness and restlessness.

So here are some of my tips for getting and remaining grounded

1.  Get back into your body and out your head by doing something physical.

When I used to work in marketing the daily deadlines and being constantly on the go used to really unground me- doing physical exercise in my lunch hour (this could be a brisk walk through a park or a run) really got me back into my body and the present moment and helped me focus my   energy on where it was truly needed.

2.  Wear nothing on your feet around your home-

Feeling connected to the ground is a great way to get yourself back into your body- bringing your awareness to your feet-perhaps giving your feet a gentle massage to get the energy and blood flowing through them and help you connect.

3.  In the park take your shoes and socks off and feel the grass and earth beneath your feet.

4.  Breathe- bring your awareness to your breath at times through the day-

If this is difficult to do at your desk, go to the toilet and just sit and be still. I used to find I got caught up in the ever ending stream of emergencies through the day and would forget to look after basic needs such as going to the toilet and just breathing deeply- breathing and being still reminded me that it was all ok.

5.  Shake out your energy-

Again this helps you get back into your body, may be best when you are on your own just start shaking your arms and legs and allow any trapped energy to flow out your body.

6.  Make bread or risotto-

Anything that gets you in the moment, requires patience and focus and slowing down.

7.  Have an Epsom salt bath-

Great for clearing your energy. You can buy Epsom salts on Amazon.

8. Create a playlist-

I have a ‘get me back to me’ play list which I listen to when I need to remind me of who I am and what’s important to me- one song on the list is ‘Bring it all back to you’    by S Club 7 – cheesy I know! But rather wise words from the cheesy popsters. What would be on your playlist?

9.  Carry grounding crystals like Haematite around with you in your pocket (you can buy grounding crystal sets on Amazon).

10.  Also try this simple exercise-

Stand upright and then bend and scoop the energy up from the ground and imagine bringing it up to your heart area, as you bring the energy up to your heart level, push your hands out to the sides, pushing the energy out, when your arms are outstretched, finish by flicking the energy off your hands- repeat this to bring you back into you.

So these are just a few of the ways I ground myself, what do you do?

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